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  1. Women’s empowerment is most important for recent time. Women empowerment means that women should have equal rights as men. Women should have equal opportunity in education, employment, political participation and decision making process. Women are more than half of world population but still facing discrimination in many parts of the world especially in developing countries. Women are not allowed to go out alone at night, their parents do not allow them to go out with friends or boys, they cannot wear whatever they want to wear even if it is not revealing anything about their body because boys will look at them inappropriately and think that they are easy targets for sexual harassment or rape cases. This can be changed by educating people about equality among men and women and making them understand that women are not inferior to men and they should be given equal rights as men do. I think women empowerment will help improve our society because when women will be empowered they will become self confident and there won't be any discrimination against them anymore because now they can stand up against injustice done by anyone including their husbands or boyfriends etc.